My gcbmax review

Introduction and how I ended up buying GCBmax

About a month ago, I bought a product called GCBmax. GCBmax is a weight loss pill based on green coffee bean extract, which Dr Oz presented on his show the past year.

I was very skeptical prior to buying the product, as Dr. Oz has said in the past a lot of BS. One example is raspberry ketone which - similarly to green coffee extract - he called it a miracle fat burner, while the only study on raspberry ketone was on mice ! The study even said that the mice-group on raspberry ketone had lost no weight at all! This is some major BS from Dr. Oz side!

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Photo of the GCB Max product

Still, I decided to have a look on green coffee bean extract and the truth is that there are a lot of medical studies that show it does have weight loss properties. True, the product is over-hyped and you shouldn’t expect to lose like 10 kilos in a month, as many suppliers claim.

After careful research, the two most promising green coffe bean extract supplements I found on the interet were the following:

  • GCB Max
  • Svetol

They are essentially the same, but I decided to go with gcbmax, as the product is way cheaper when buying in bulk. This blog is going to be about my experience with gcbmax and not a product presentation. So, if you want to know more about it please check this gcbmax review.

GCBMAX my first month experience

As aforementioned, today I close one month of using this supplement. I follow the guidelines to the letter and take two pills per day. One before my breakfast and one before my dinner.

I ordered gcbmax on July 24 and it arrived to my home (via courrier) on July 30. I started taking it on August 1.

For your information, I am 44 years old, female and 1.66 m tall (5.4 feet)

On August 1, I weighted myself on the local drugstore and found my self to be 70 kilos (about 154 pounds)


Today is 1 September and again I payed a visit to the local drugstore to weight myself. The scale showed 67.6 kg which means that I have lost 2.4 kilos (5.1 pounds) ! I am very happy with the results so far, mainly because I made no dietary changes and didn’t increase my physical activity levels.

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The Verdict After using GCBmax for one month
My opinion after one month of use is very positive for GCBmax and green coffee bean extract in general. Yes, there is a lot of hype surrounding the product but it does work. I also want to say that as of now, I have experienced zero side effects.

I will be posting here again in the next month. Stay tuned :D

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